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Trial Account Application

Our trial accounts are for people to test the system for compatibility with their modem and computer.  They are not considered to be a full account and don't include access to Email, News Groups or a personal web page.  Users needing to try Email or news groups should send a message to and make a request to try out those options.   

Trial accounts normally run for seven days; however trial accounts are subject to termination at any time, depending on system needs.  If you feel satisfied with the service, fill out a user application in one of the account choices found on our application page at

Accounts used for any illegal purpose, or the spreading of unsolicited Email, will be prosecuted under Washington State laws and any applicable local law. 

Some required user information, items titled in red are required

Your First Name:

Your Last Name:

Your Street Address: Apt or Unit #:

City: State: Zip Code:

Home Phone: Work Phone:

Security Information

To make changes to your account, we ask for a simple question and one word answer that can be used to verify you as the owner of the account.  Use the drop down menu below to select one of the more popular questions and fill in the answer in the space provided.  Or select "other" in the drop down menu and use the open text box to add your own question.  Please make is short and simple.

If you chose "other" enter the question below:
Use this field only if you are not using one of the default questions above

Answer to the question:

We will assign a dial up username in the form of a 10 digit account number.  This number is used for dial up purposes only and will be sent to you by Email when the application is processed.  We do need a dial up password that is a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 8.  Do not use the following characters, / \ | ~ ` ^ < >, in the password. 

Enter your dial up password here:

In order to process your request and return the information to you, we need your current Email address.  Please enter it below:

Your current Email address:

Pressing the submit button will process the information and send you to the confirmation screen.  The confirmation screen will give you instructions on how to set up your PC to log on to Kendra.